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Rock Planning and Ordering Q & A

How much rock do I need per ton? (Based on 1 ”-3” depth)
Measure the (L) length x the (W) width of each area where rock is needed then divide by 100 for 1 ” rock, 125 for ” rock, and 150 for 3/8” rock to determine the tons needed.

Can I get two types of rocks delivered on the same truck?
No, you will have to pay for two deliveries.  There is no way to separate the two materials on the delivery trucks.  Some people want the materials mixed in which case you have to pre-pay your order in advance in CASH.

How do I pay for my order?
We accept cash on a COD basis as well as all major credit cards. Sorry we do not accept checks.

How do I know I received the amount I ordered?
Our rocks and soils are weighed on State of Texas certified scales with all amounts printed on the delivery tickets.

The rock I received is not as much as I expected.
To visualize an average ton of rock, it will fit in the space of an average bathtub.

Why does the rock I received have dirt in it?
It is not dirt.  Some rock will contain up to 15% crusher fines.  It is impossible to eliminate all crusher fines during the screening process. It is best to spread the rock with fines in it first, then spread the clean rock on top of it.

Why does the rock I received not match the rock I ordered before?
Rock quarries have different veins of material, variations may occur.

Why was I charged for more than one delivery?
A separate truck and or trailer deliver our rocks and soils so the product will not be mixed.  A delivery charge is assessed per type of material.  We try to save you an added expense by including  plastic or fabric with our rock deliveries.

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